Should President Trump Be Allowed To Host Bible Study Inside The White House?

Recent reports are saying that President Trump has been holding Bible study sessions inside the White House, but many are saying that this is unconstitutional.

Christianity was quite important in the founding of this nation, and hurts NO ONE. So, being historical in this country particularly, it is NOT unconstitutional for Bible classes in the WH. After all, it was apparently Constitutional for Bill

Clinton to play footsies with a young female aid behind his wife’s back. As that was not unconstitutional, I cannot fathom why Bible classes could be classed as unconstitutional. Other religions SHOULD not be taught in OUR White House….some other religions s had no bearing on the founding of this country, and some religions are dangerous and should be denied access to anything related to OUR government.

This Nation was founded on Christian Principles. Founding Fathers Prayed together on a regularly. No doubt other administrations have had Bible studies in the White House, as well as prayer time. I don’t think is Unconstitutional at all. Just because these people don’t believe in God, we still do, and were proud of that fact. You worship the Devil – and you already known what your final destination will be. Stop with the BS, and climb back into a hole.



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